Philip Ross

Founder/CEO - UnGroup and Cordless group

Philip Ross

Founder/CEO - UnGroup and Cordless group

Philip is Founder and CEO of the UnGroup and Cordless Group.

He is an author, futurist and advisor on the new world of work and specialises in predicting the impact of emerging technology on the way we will work, shop, learn, consume leisure and live.

Much of his focus has been on workplace innovation, advising organisations such as McKinsey & Co, Marks & Spencer, EY, Allen & Overy, Penguin Random House, GSK, Barclays, Macquarie Group, BBC, PwC and Boston Consulting Group on innovation and future concepts.

He founded his business in 1994 with the publication of The Cordless Office Report. Since then he has written a number of books on the future of work including The Creative Office, The 21st Century Office and Space to Work (all co-authored with Jeremy Myerson). He has also contributed to a number of other books and reports including the Corporate Fool, Jelly Bean Working and the Responsible Workplace. He regularly gives keynotes, presentations and runs think tanks and workshops for organisations in the process of change. He is frequently quoted in the media, including The Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio 4, The Australian, Financial Times, OnOffice and France 24 TV.


The World of Work in the 21st Century


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