Dr Erica Walker

Founder - Community Noise Lab at the BUSPH

Dr Erica Walker

Founder - Community Noise Lab at the BUSPH

Walker earned a B.S. and B.A in both mathematics and economics from Simmons College; A MS in environmental economics and urban planning from Tufts University; and a ScD in environmental health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She was awarded a P50 Diversity Supplement from the NIH to work with the BU/Harvard Center for Research on Environmental and Social Stressors in Housing Across the Life Course (CRESSH). This work includes epidemiological analysis examining the relationship between sound levels and developmental delay within the Children’s HealthWatch cohort and developing a model of ambient to indoor sound infiltration within the CRESSH study area. She is the founder of Community Noise Lab. As founder of Community Noise Lab, she will continue and expand her sound and noise work specifically around a community-identified issues.


The Sound and the Fury: How Bad Audio Affects Our Emotional Well-Being in a WFH World


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