Navigate Direct Routing at our Talking Teams Event

Navigate Direct Routing at our Talking Teams Event

In this UC Today virtual event you learn how to develop a killer Direct Routing strategy for your Microsoft Teams environment.

Collaboration tools now form the heart of the business landscape. In these collaboration environments, teams supports video and audio conferencing, file sharing, instant messaging, and more. It’s one of the most popular collaboration options for businesses of all sizes.

Collaboration solution Microsoft Teams is rapidly emerging as the central solution for communication and collaboration. Many businesses use this tech for digital conversations, but what about using Teams for your company’s phone system too? How do you connect your PBX, what do you need to do, and what are the pros and cons?

The Talking Teams two-day virtual event will guide you through building a full path to Microsoft Teams UC.

What to Expect from the Talking Teams Event

The Talking Teams virtual event, hosted on Tech Summit, is a comprehensive UC Today experience for those interested in Microsoft Teams. You’ll have the opportunity to explore options on how to evaluate a PBX solution for Microsoft Teams environment and hear from experts on the process of developing a winning plan for UC migration.

Free for attendees, this event starting in November 2020 will run across 2 days and be available on-demand for thirty days too. Here, you’ll identify the common challenges when implementing Microsoft Teams solutions for UC.

On Day One, we’ll explore the process of decoding voice in Microsoft Teams. We’ll be looking at why organisations often look beyond the built-in Microsoft phone system offering and see the value voice adds to Microsoft Teams. We’ll also explore what kind of Direct Routing options are available, and what kind of partners offer these services.

In Session 2 of Day One, we’ll explore the options with adding an SBC to your Microsoft phone system, and why direct routing is more flexible, but also more expensive to maintain and rollout. There are also country-specific complications like issues with compliance that make Direct Routing an obvious choice for global deployments.

Considering the Options of Day 2

On Day Two of the event, we’ll be looking at how to create a winning UC migration, and which common challenges exist when you’re connecting voice to Teams. We’ll examine the user experience when using Direct Routing services, and how you ensure high adoption of crucial services. Our sessions will address the ways companies can design resilient solutions, ensure security compliance, and find helpful services to get up and running.

Session 2 of Day 2 looks at Microsoft Teams in a hybrid world and what hybrid strategies mean to a Microsoft Teams voice environment. We’ll ask whether hybrid is a steppingstone, and what the best way to view the migration might be. Other topics include how to handle business interruption, how reliable hybrid solutions can be, and what organisations should expect.

Confirmed speakers and brands for this event already include Microsoft Teams Direct Routing experts like AudioCodes, Ribbon Communications and SCB Global.

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