End to End Voice in Microsoft Teams

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End to End Voice in Microsoft Teams
Commsverse - End to End Voice

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Why should you attend?

This event is all about Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice workloads and more importantly aimed at providing you with the knowledge and awareness of what is available from a feature perspective and how to deploy them in your organisation or on behalf of your customers.

This event is technical and for those with some working knowledge of Microsoft Teams voice workloads looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in this area.

The content level is pitched at between Level 200 and 300 on the standard Microsoft session difficulty assessment.


Learning objectives

  • Improve your product awareness with all new features
  • Improve your voice skills using Microsoft Teams
  • Empower your team to work effectively together remotely
  • Learn how to deploy Teams voice workloads at scale
  • Discover new opportunities to provide additional services
  • Learn & Share your experiences with similar people


Our carefully designed agenda takes you on a voice journey where you will learn from other people’s experiences, best practices and methodologies. By the end of this event you’ll be more prepared and better equipped to take on your next Teams voice project.

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What’s New in Teams Voice & How to Use These New Features in Your Deployments

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How to Match Business Requirements to the Right Teams Voice Solution

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Microsoft Teams Devices (Phones and Displays) for Personal Use

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How to Manage Teams Voice at a Global Scale

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Voice Enabled Channels – A Simple Contact Centre Solution

Watch on Demand

Azure Communication Services – What You Can Do


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Removing Complexity From Enterprise Migration To Teams

Watch on Demand

Create A Winning Teams Licensing Strategy

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Enabling Voice With Operator Connect


You're set to go! We hope you enjoy our Tech Summit experience 👍


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