Announcing Anywhere Work 2020 Virtual Event

Announcing Anywhere Work 2020 Virtual Event

Here at UC Today, we’ve been on the cutting edge of the virtual event environment for some time now – even before COVID-19 hit. In a world where virtual experiences are becoming more popular, we’re keen to continue delivering great learning opportunities for our audience.

Our latest event, Anywhere Work 2020, is a 2-day virtual event on Tech Summit. This powerful video series will guide business leaders through the rapid shift to the work anywhere environment. Here, you’ll learn about the current state of remote working and the impact of COVID-19.

We’ll also be looking for ways to help you identify trends, adapt to changing needs, and overcome common challenges.

Exploring Anywhere Work 2020

This year, we’ve seen how valuable the right technology is to the evolving work environment. In our video series, we’ll be speaking to some of the best minds in the industries about where the future of work is heading. Our Anywhere Work virtual event will deliver meaningful insights for transforming companies while giving visitors a chance to network and connect with industry leaders.

Join us on a journey into the latest trends, strategic insights, and predictions for future work styles on our excellent virtual platform. The pillars guiding this event are:

  • Learn: Watch panel discussions from industry leaders
  • Discover: Gain amazing insights and practical advice
  • Connect: Meet and network with vendors who can get you moving in the right direction

An Exciting Lineup: Day 1

On day 1 of our virtual event, our panel will be discussing the state of remote working today, and the trends impacting the workplace (including COVID-19). We’ll be hosting Cisco Managing Director of Cloud, Craig Decker, and Ringcentral UK&I manager, Steven Rafferty.

During the first day, we’ll be exploring the influence on the market now that the number of remote workers is growing as a result of the pandemic. You’ll learn about the impact that video has had on the marketplace during COVID-19, and how video conferencing tools and team collaboration apps are becoming essential to the modern marketplace.

We’ll look at the huge increase in demand, and what vendors are doing to handle the need for more capacity. We’ll also have a panel discussion about implementing remote working strategies. Experts involved with this panel include Worldwide Sales and Strategy Manager, Mark Needham, from Cisco. RingCentral VP of Product Management, Ritu Mukherjee will also be present, alongside Mark Strassman, SVP and General Manager of UC&C for GoTo LogMeIn.

You’ll be able to learn about common implementation challenges when deploying remote tech, and whether small and large businesses are facing the same threats.

What’s Coming Day 2?

The impact of video on communication and collaboration will be our focus for day 2. UC Today will be joining forces with Senior Director of Vertical Solutions from RingCentral, Gareth Johns. Cisco’s EMEAR Collaboration Technology Lead, Johan Van Puymbrouck will also be involved. Google’s Group Product Manager for Google Meet, Samir Pradhan is taking part too.

On this day, we’ll be finding out if video is the new voice, whether we’re all moving to a cameras-on culture, and whether video is truly accessible to all companies.

Our other panel discussion will focus on the future of remote working, offering valuable insights from innovators like Head of Workplace from Facebook for EMEA, Nazir Ul-Ghani. RingCentral’s Product Director of EMEA, Daniel Yin, and Cisco’s Distinguished Engineer and Site Leader (Galway), Dr. Keith Griffin, will also be involved.

By the end of day 2, we’ll have covered when “virtual” becomes the new normal for all of us, and how health and safety is changing in the workplace.

Add the Anywhere Work 2020 event to your calendar today.


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