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XR Summit 2022

24th Jan 2022

5 days event

UC Summit 2022

25th Apr 2022

4 days event

UC Partner Summit 2022

5th Jul 2022

3 days event

CX Summit 2022

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Navigating a Hybrid Landscape with Microsoft Teams

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Amy Peck

Founder & CEO - EndeavorXR

Jay Latta

Co Founder - The Fusionists

Katie King

Published Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Nimrode Borovsky

VP and GM Enterprise - AudioCodes

Blair Pleasant

President & Principal Analyst - COMMfusion

Dom Black

Head of Research and Project Lead - Cavell Group

Espen Løberg

Senior Director of Product Management - Cisco

Natalie Keightley

Senior Director of Solutions Marketing - Avaya

Kevin Ryder

Chief Product & Marketing Officer - IR

Josh Jeffries

Head of IT at Faststream, a RingCentral customer

John Macario

SVP Global Channel Marketing - Ribbon Communications

Jonathan Maher

Sales Specialists Leader UKI - Avaya

James Brennan

Head of Product - IR

Greg Zweig

Director, Solutions Marketing - Ribbon Communications


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